Welcome to Camp Stora Blåsjön

We are located above and below ICA in Stora Blåsjön. Closest to the water is a 300 meter long beach at Lake Blåsjön and the total area of our facility is about 30,000 square meters.

Our service house is located opposite ICA in the direction of Norway. We offer a total of 40 pitches spread over five different areas, in addition to this space for about 15 tents.

We also have 22 beds divided into five different accommodations.

DIRECTIONS to Camp Stora Blåsjön


E-mail: anders@storablasjon.se

Phone: 0672-211 11

SMS – Anders: 0706-54 66 61

Anders WhatsApp

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In our service house there is a shower, toilet, kitchen, dishes, latrine emptying, fresh water and gray water emptying.

For an additional fee, it is also possible to use a washing machine, dryer and drying cabinet.

In the service house it is possible to buy:

  •     Ice cream, sweets & cold/hot drinks
  •     Thin bread from Stora Blåsjön
  •     Smoked char/trout from Stora Blåsjön.
  •     Charcuterie products from Fågelberget Chark


We bake sourdough rolls and cinnamon buns from Mondays to Fridays. Order by 21:00 for delivery at 08:30 or 10.00 the morning after directly to your door or tent.

SMS your order to +46 706-54 66 61

Sourdough rolls 20 SEK/pc – 4 pieces for 60 SEK

Cinnamon buns 20 SEK/pc – 4 pieces for 60 SEK

Mix and match as you like


Check-in: 2:00 pm

Check-out: 12:00 am

Other times by agreement


Camp Stora Blåsjön Free

Log in with your Facebook account or use password 067221111



Area A, B, D & E

275 SEK/night

Area C

400 SEK/night


50 SEK/night

For more info, click here


In area A in a small red building you will find our garbage room. There is also sorting for glass and deposits. The code for the garbage room is *444444*.


  •     Service buildings: *222222*
  •     Soprum: *444444*
  •     Swish number: 123 033 49 20



The reception is closed – call or text +46706546661 for questions


  • Lokal ICA-store
    • Here you will also find fuel and LPG..
    • Weekdays 09:30-17:30
    • Saturdays 10:00-15:00
    • Sundays 11:00-15:00


From Camp Stora Blåsjön you are close to many experiences and sights and it is a good place to start for day trips

  • 0 meters for freshly baked cinnamon buns and sourdough rolls – we deliver directly to the place you have chosen
  • 90 meters to the beach
  • 100 m to ICA-Blåsjöfjäll with gas station and LPG
  • 3 km to Mesklumpen’s top
  • 6 km to Brakkåfallet
  • 6 km to the Norwegian border
  • 9 km to Ankarede
  • 10 km to Korallgrottan
  • 11 km to Marmorgrottan
  • 22 km to Gaustafallet
  • 27 km to Bjurälven Nature Reserve
  • 38 km to the highest point on Vildmarksvägen
  • 43 km to Stekenjokk plateau
  • 68 km to Hällingsåfallet
  • 84 km to Fatmomakke
  • 100 km to Trappstegsforsen


We rent out bikes, boats and ”soups”.

Rentals are only available from Monday to Friday


250 kr for four hours
350 kr for eight hours
Day or longer on request

Electric motor for boat

150 kr for four hours
250 kr for eight hours
Day or longer on request

Stand Up Paddle Board – SUP

200 kr for four hours
350 kr kr for eight hours
Day or longer on request


150 kr for four hours
250 kr for eight hours
Day or longer on request

SUP vid Stora Blåsjön
SUP i Stora Blåsjön
Hyra båt i Stora Blåsjön
Båtar i Stora Blåsjön


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Tälta vid Stora Blåsjön


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Camp Stora Blåsjön


Parking space apps

Here are some apps that we recommend you check out.

The Ställplatser app

The Ställplatser app provides good information about campsites around Sweden.

Download the app via the links below if you are not already using it.

Ställplatser (Google Play)

Ställplatser (App Store)

Other apps we recomend





We are constantly looking to improve our offer to our guests and welcome your thoughts, comments and feedback.

What did we do well? What can we improve?

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    Vacker plats, jättetrevliga ägare. Vi campade med tält och fick välja fritt mellan olika platser att slå upp tältet på, väldigt avslappnat och behagligt. Behaglig stämning överlag, hit kommer vi säkert tillbaka!
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