Wilderness Road

Sweden’s highest paved road

The concept of “hiking by car” is very real – When you get out of your car, you are in the wilderness!
Above the tree line are vast mountain heaths and accessible peaks. The air is clear, the silence is deafening and the water is refreshing and, of course, drinkable.

Whether you head out on a multi-day hike with a tent or take a short car trip, the Wilderness Road is the best way to get up above the tree line.

Don’t drive too fast, stop frequently and take in the mountain atmosphere and scents during your trip. The highest point is located 876 meters above sea level

Welcome to The Wilderness Roada paradise for those who are looking for silence and are nature lovers and outdoor people!

Note: The stretch over Stekenjokk is only open from the beginning / mid June until mid-October. In winter, the road is closed due to large amounts of snow.

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